Saturday, 25 July 2009

Yay, Happy Birthday to Me....and a Serious Lack of Knitting.

You know you are getting old when........

your Birthday passes by without fuss and the requisite amount of "Hurrah".

So, I reached the Grand Old Age of mumble mumble.... and I am celebrating with the following:

And I don't usually drink! Can you guess the outcome?? Answers on a Postcard.....
That said, a la Gwyneth Paltrow Acceptance Speech stylie, I would like to thank.....

My Nan, for her lovely card and Fiscal Enclosure, which enabled me to purchase the final Skein for the Delectable Guinnevere (by Maz Dolff);

My Neighbour and Friend, Ghislaine, for her wonderful card, lovely wine (see above) and Little Miss Naughty cutlery for my Camping Expeditions - truly thoughtful;

My LYS owner and Friend, Barbara, for WIP holders, a lovely handmade Cow button, and Knitpros - in a size I didn't have - she knows me well!;

Ewa, for ....... mmmm ....I tried to buy my Put Aside Yarn today, and it wasn't there! I wonder where it can be???

My folks, for telephoning me this morning;


Unfortunately, Gloucester appears to be suffering from some form of Telecommunications Failure - I can just picture my poor Angst Ridden Brother desperately trying to contact me all day, by Telegraph, Morse Code, Carrier Pigeon - but they have all failed. If anyone in his vicinity knows Semaphore, please let me know!

So, I've learnt today that I have incredibly wonderful, thoughtful friends, and I am truly grateful.

Well, my lovelies - here's a quick update of all things non-Birthday.....


A pigeon chick had fallen from its' nest onto a road, and was unable to move out of the path of oncoming traffic. I moved him slowly, under the watchful eye of Mom - both Chick and Mom are doing well now. My Good Deed for the Day!

Since I last wrote, I have also done The Race For Life, with my friend Jan, dressed as Charlie Chaplin. I don't know why Mr Chaplin, it seemed like a good idea at the time.....and yes, we looked like a Proper Pair of Charlies!

It was Jolly Good Fun, and (between us) we raised about £250.

Oh, and I am starting a Knitting Design Course, so the ball is well and truly rolling - Watch This Space!


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