Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sock Monkey The First

Brief knitting hiatus yesterday, as I could finally finish the Sock Monkey thanks to welcome gift of Kapok.

Here he is - I think I might call him Tigger! I love that his ears are frayed (happy accident, as difficult to whip stitch something so small). He is both hand and machine stitched, and quite a cheeky chappy.

I had a delightful visit from a snuffly little hedgehog yesterday. My neighbour knocked very gently on my door last night, and motioned "sssshhhhh...." as soon as I opened the door. When she does this, it usually means something really exciting - special bird, woodpecker, ocassional random cow in the garden, baby squirrel ...... this time round it was our slug eating friend, the Hedgehog! We stood still, it stood still....all three of us thinking "if I stay here really quiet, it/they won't notice me". It worked, until a mad jogger jogged past. It (the hedgehog, that is) scittled off into the undergrowth and continued with its snuffling. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo, which is a shame, as I would have loved to share it with you.

I love these simple pleasures.

This morning, I put Tigger in his new home, in my Car Garden (aka The Carden) - he has settled in already, sitting with Mr Messy, Wonkey and Mrs Spots.

I know - I need help.

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