Thursday, 25 June 2009

Post The First - Moi? A blog?

I always wondered why people had blogs. Surely what I have to say can't be of interest to others! My life isn't James Bond exciting, but I like it that way.

That said, my life has taken a few strange turns lately. And I plan on being painfully honest with you.

Brief catchup: I used to be a career professional, with a longstanding involvement in the party culture perpetuated by high flyers. And no, it's not big and it's not clever, but hey. I knew I wasn't happy. I moved from The Big City to a small town, and learnt to enjoy The Quiet Life. And boy, do I enjoy it!

Anyhoo, recession bit, and along with it my job. Years of University study, specialism in career path and self-esteem - all down the pan. So, I finally had time to stand and stare. I made the most of it.

I have concluded that all paths have led me to here for a reason - and no, I'm not some hippy trippy spiritual bod. But, I do feel that I wasn't ready to listen and learn before.

I am listening and learning now. So, what have I learnt, and what is getting me through?


There, I've said it. In public. I love Knitting.

Without my new found Love Of The Sticks. I'm sure I would have gone totally doo-lally. I have learnt patience, focus, the ability to not cry when it all goes wrong - just rip it out, start again, and don't make the same mistakes. It mirrors all lifes lessons, the ones I didn't learn first time round. It is now such a major part of my life that I want to make it my living. I'm working on that part of the plan. It's funny where life takes you.

Knitting. A great healer. Like time, only you get socks at the end!

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