Friday, 26 June 2009

I feel old.

I went to the Beach today with a friend and her 17 yr old son. He was very patient, strolled with us down the promenade for an hour or so, and was pleasant company over a cup of tea. Until......I listened in to one of his mp3 ear pieces, and he said "oh, you won't like it". It was Muse.

I felt old.

I had a little smile to myself because underneath this mild mannered exterior, lies a mispent youth - goings on that would shock said 17 year old. He can think I'm "past it" but I have a little secret.

When I was 17, I was slightly - ok a lot - wild. Glastonbury, Raves, Heavy Metal and Motorbikes.

I rocked. Really.

At his age, I thought my parents wouldn't get it either. How wrong was I? Now I am the same age they were, and I still feel funky, with it, trendy......oh dear. Simply by using these phrases, I am showing my age. And lack of coolness. But, believe me, I get it. I just don't see the point.
What happened? Once, I was Number One Party, I knit.

But I'm still cool - aren't I?

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