Thursday, 25 June 2009

Knitting backwards.

Damn you DPN's, damn you Pomatomus ........nah, I love you really. It's me. All me. So here I am, tinking again.

So far, I've frogged you 3 times, tinked you twice, and now I'm on your third tink. Grrrrr........

The 3 frogs at the begining were due to a ladder on the cuff. I couldn't fix it on the ribbing, so I just ran with it. It disappears when stretched, so that's fine. Then I deliberated over tinking again due to a twisted yarn over, but some lovely bod reminded me that my feet are at least 4 ft from my eyes, unless I am a very bendy yoga freak. I can't see the "uniqueness" from that distance, so it stayed.

Then, I hit the heel turn. That was fine. The pick up, however, was somewhat off. I had a hole in the gusset join, which annoyed me. So, 4 rows after the pick up, I tinked. Then I tinked again, as I dropped my brain somewhere and couldn't read the chart. I got back to where I started from, did an extra row for good measure, then slept. I was fried.

That brings me to today. I picked up where I left off, and merrily knitted along. Backwards.

How could I have been so daft? The first socks I ever knit were done inside out (which amused my buddies no end), and I thought I had got rid of that bad habit. It's easy enough to do, but a pain in the proverbial as each time I wanted to check progress, I had to turn them the right way round. This time, I must have unconciously picked up the sticks and just started knitting back the way I had just come. Unconciously? Of course it was - I didn't do it on purpose!!!! Perhaps I was distracted by Jaikie, who is currently chasing moths against the window.

At least I'm getting lots of practice, if not lots of sleep!

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